Skin Tag Removal - The Quick & Painless Alternatives

Published: 15th July 2008
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Skin tag removal is not a complicated process when completed the right way. The following article will brief you on what they are, why people want to remove skin tags and identify different treatment methods to get rid of skin tags.

A skin tag is a small harmless growth usually no more than 5mm in size that either protrudes from the skin or is attached by a skin stalk or peduncle. We can suffer from skin tags at any age, although they are more frequent as we age.

They are most common around the face, eyelids, the neck, the groin and the breast areas and are a fleshy colour. Experts are still not sure what causes skin tags, however we do know that apart from being a cause of irritation and itchiness when they rub against clothes or there is friction when rubbed against other parts of the body, skin tags are a harmless medical condition and can be left alone.

As they are not a medical risk, general medical insurance does not include skin tags treatment. However, this does not stop people wanting to remove their skin tags. The vast majority of skin tag sufferers seek to remove them because of the psychological effect they have.

They are a major cause of anxiety for many sufferers especially if they appear on the face and eyelids. Luckily, there are many skin tag removal options available. The first option is to pay for a doctor to remove the tag with surgical scissors. This a very effective, but costly method.

Alternative solutions include laser removal or freezing the skin tag. Another option is to remove them yourself. A common method is to tie a piece of dental floss or thread around the base of the tag cutting off the blood supply. You then either cut the tag off with surgical scissors or wait for it to fall off.

For the less squeamish and a solution we recommend there is a skin tag removal serum. The best serums only use natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body and they don't leave a scar or blemish afterwards. You simply apply the serum to the skin tag or skin tags and wait for the skin tag to fall off.

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